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Reasons You Must Trust Computer Activity Monitor software

Recent study shows, Computer Activity Monitor Software installation is a-must for all software companies

If you doubt that, your employees might not be giving their best performance or accessing confidential data and using it for some reasons then you might require stretching the strings and increasing security. One of the most common troubles faced by employers is to track what every employee is doing at what time. Not that they have to spy or look into the employee’s personal matters but in order to maintain the ROI and work submission on time, employers do have to keep a check on all activities.

Surveillance cameras or CCTV may keep a lot of check on physical activities of the employee; it is the computer activity that must be taken care of. If the recent survey has to be believed, then, more than seventy percent of, employees indulge themselves in chatting, social networking or checking their personal emails. What is worse, when employees end up sharing crucial information to a third party! Some software or settings block user’s websites and hide certain information from them but it is not very impressive. Users can easily find out ways to unblock the tools and do what they wish to.

Hence, it is important to ensure employees do work instead of wasting time in the office hours. Among variety of utilities in the market, Computer Activity Monitor Software is one such third party software that keeps a check on all desktop activities by taking snapshot regularly and reporting to the admin. The fact that admin can install and use this utility without informing users, makes it an effective monitoring method. The stealth mode enables the software to not be displayed on the task manager as well. This ensures all activities of users are recorded without their notice. Moreover, it is proven that if the users know that they are being monitored, there are fewer chances of them to deviate from work.

The software effectively takes snapshots at regular intervals without the employee’s knowledge. It also records the history of accessed applications, internet activities and every copy-paste action being performed by the user. This feature helps if you must find out who copied and sent some important information. Additionally, by looking at past download and software records, you can know if some changes were made in any software. In case of some underlying errors, you can know who changed what and the reason behind every mess and rectify it easily.

It keeps track of user passwords and anything that has been typed by certain user at some point. The software saves everything that an employee does on his computer that can later be reviewed or printed by the admin.

All these features make it commendable software that must be used by every employer in order to track the users. The software is also available in free trial edition. Therefore, the user could download and use it for a while before purchase.


In order to track everything your employee does on his computer at office hours, download and use Computer Activity Monitor software.