Desktop Monitoring Software

Recent study shows, Computer Activity Monitor Software installation is a-must for all software companies

If you doubt that, your employees might not be giving their best performance or accessing confidential data and using it for some reasons then you might require stretching the strings and increasing security. One of the most common troubles faced by employers is to track what every employee is doing at what time. Not that they have to spy or look into the employee’s personal matters but in order to maintain the ROI and work submission on time, employers do have to keep a check on all activities. Read more about Reasons You Must Trust Computer Activity Monitor software »

It is seen most of the times that employees within an organization are indulged in their personal works over Internet during office working hours. According to a recent survey, it was found that “More than 80 percent of employees spend more than 20 percent of their office time while surfing over Internet for their personal works”. Read more about How to Monitor Employee Internet Usage »

Stagnant business growth or low productivity is main concern for any Organization. There may be several reasons behind low productivity or profits of an organization:

Organization’s productivity is the outcome of positive workflow of all the employees. To maintain the workflow it is necessary that the employees invest their maximum time in doing company’s work rather than the work of their own interest or entertainment. Since the computers at the workstation of employees is provided with high-speed internet connection, therefore at times they misuse it for their entertainment purposes by accessing social networking sites, personal emails, or chatting with their friends, downloading data, etc. There is also a threat that any employee could leak the crucial information of the company by uploading it somewhere and making it public. Read more about Keep an Eye on your employees and increase the productivity of your organization »

One of the major concerns of most of the employers is to know what their employees are doing on their computers. Today, when computer and Internet has become the life of businesses, providing Internet facility is necessary for producing more output.

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Since internet has become a very unsafe place for kids, it has become very essential to keep a check on their online activities.

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A very common question of most of the parents whose children use computer for several hours a day is “how do we know what our kid does on computer when we are not at home to monitor his/her activities?

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