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If declined profit margins are not letting you focus on your core business objectives; then instead of panicking look at the employees’ computer screens and see what is going wrong. Not always, but in many cases the declined profitability of a company is found because of improper employee efforts. Computer desktop monitoring is one such tool, which lets the administrator and manager view LIVE activities happening on an employee’s desktop.



Using employee computer monitoring program, you can know some things that you always suspected:

  • What employees actually do when they are supposed to work?
  • How much time they actually spend in doing their work?
  • Do they mostly get involved in chatting, shopping, playing games online or visiting social networking websites?
  • Are they misusing organizational resources in illegal activities?

If you find any of the above-suspected things, you can take action as and when required and improve the organization’s productivity. Employee Desktop Viewer provides you with the facility to view the online as well as offline recording. Online recording is suitable for viewing the LIVE and ongoing activities of the employee whereas; the offline recording provides continuous and effective monitoring even in your absence. The offline recordings can be scheduled individually for different target workstations one at a time.

Desktop monitoring software is embedded with exclusive features and functions. Some of them are as follows:
  • You can monitor multiple computers from a centralized location
  • It displays LIVE view of employees’ desktop screens
  • It displays LIVE view of both the screens of computer, having dual screens
  • It records and saves the ongoing desktop activities as AVI files
  • The desktop activity recorder software provides the facility of scheduling offline recording to record activities of selected computers in your absence
  • It allows you to install agent on selected computers remotely
  • It manages the registered computers remotely through options such as shutdown, restart, lock, log off, remove wallpaper and start the screen saver

Recording activity is very easy with this tool, as it is embedded with interactive GUI and simple yet powerful functionality. The remote desktop monitoring software provides admin tools for remotely managing the computers, which are registered for monitoring. Admin can choose to lock, restart, shut down, or log off the computers remotely.

Demo Version is available FREE

Evaluation version of the Employee Desktop Live Viewer is also available free. The free demo version enables you to register one computer for viewing and recording its desktop activities. The demo version lets you create a 5-minute movie of saved recordings. For monitoring more than one desktop, you will need to purchase the full version of this software.


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